Breast Revisions In Boca Raton

Breast revision surgery addresses and corrects complications or dissatisfaction stemming from previous breast surgeries. At Privé Plastic Surgery in Boca Raton, our team blends expertise with a keen aesthetic eye to deliver results that align with patients’ aspirations, ensuring safety, satisfaction, and symmetry.

Dr. Liza Wu specializes in revision breast surgery. Breast Revision surgery aims to correct and revise prior cosmetic or reconstructive breast surgery. Whether the problem is with misplaced implants or misshapen breasts, Dr. Wu’s vast experience with breast reconstruction has made her a leading expert in correcting prior misadventures. Overall, our goal at Privé Plastic Surgery is to restore your breast’s youthful contour and appearance. 

Symptoms Addressed by Breast Revisions

Breast revision surgery can be a solution for those encountering:

  • Asymmetry or uneven positioning of breasts post-surgery.
  • Implant complications such as rupture, leakage, or rippling.
  • Dissatisfaction with implant size or shape after a breast augmentation.
  • Capsular contracture (hardening around the implant).
  • Changes in breast tissue due to aging, weight fluctuations, or hormonal shifts.

What Patients Need to Know About Breast Revisions 

The goal of breast revision surgery is to improve the appearance of your breasts after prior attempts have failed. This is often the most difficult problem to fix..  Fixing the issue may require more surgery and sometimes stage procedures. This is because, over time, breast implants can change size and shape, and the overlying breast tissues can change, creating an appearance that’s less desirable than the previous results. With breast implants, your implant may change shape due to the scar tissue that surrounds the implant. Also, your implant may rupture as it ages and require replacement. Breast revision surgery is often performed for numerous reasons, such as: 

  • Capsular Contracture: Capsular contracture is a condition that causes tightening of the scar tissues forming around the breast implant. This condition causes the breasts to harden due to the surgery results, leading to symptoms such as breast discomfort, pain, and unnatural-looking breasts. 
  • Rupture/Migration of Implant: If an implant gets ruptured or migrates along the chest wall, it can result in areas of inflammation along the glandulous areas and cause further complications. 
  • Change in Implant Material: Unsatisfactory reactions to current implants and unintended consequences from implant material can result in breast revision surgery. 
  • Breast Size Changes: Patients desiring to change their breast size through either reduction, lifts, or augmentations can opt-in for breast revision if they previously had breast implant surgery. 
  • Breast Asymmetries: Breasts change sometimes unpredictably and may leave you with breasts that are dissimilar to one another. A breast revision surgery would aim to restore symmetry.
Woman holding her breast thinking about getting a Breast Revision

Why Breast Revisions are Needed

A successful breast procedure can be transformative, but sometimes, outcomes may not align with expectations, or complications might arise over time. Breast revisions become necessary to:

  • Restore aesthetic balance and symmetry.
  • Address any discomfort or pain associated with complications.
  • Update the appearance due to aging or personal preferences.
  • Correct any health or medical concerns related to implants.

Treatment Process

Achieving impeccable outcomes with breast revisions at Privé Plastic Surgery involves:

  • Consultation: An in-depth discussion to understand the concerns, review the previous surgery’s details, and chart out a plan tailored to your needs.
  • Pre-operative Preparations: Detailed medication guidelines, dietary restrictions, and other considerations to ensure optimal surgical outcomes.
  • Revision Procedure: Depending on the issue, the doctor might remove or replace implants, adjust tissue, or address the positioning of the breasts to achieve the desired results.
  • Recovery: A post-operative bra may be advised for support. Temporary swelling or discomfort is typical but will gradually subside. Periodic check-ins will monitor your recovery and ensure successful results.


To enhance and maintain the results of a breast revision:

  • Wear supportive bras tailored to your new shape.
  • Monitor your breasts regularly for any irregularities or changes.
  • Avoid drastic weight fluctuations.
  • Attend scheduled check-ups and follow all post-operative recommendations from the doctor.

Outlook on the Journey Beyond

The journey through breast revision is about refining physical contours and reinforcing inner confidence and peace of mind. By rectifying any discrepancies or complications from previous surgeries, patients often find themselves in renewed harmony with their body. This harmony, in turn, fosters a more positive self-image, an optimistic outlook on life, and the joy of feeling truly oneself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after my initial surgery can I consider a breast revision?

While it’s advisable to wait until the healing process is complete—typically around 6-12 months—each case is unique. Discussing any concerns with our doctor will help determine the ideal timeline for your revision.

Are there risks associated with breast revision surgery?

All surgical procedures come with inherent risks. However, by choosing a reputable and experienced doctor at Privé Plastic Surgery, potential complications are minimized. It’s essential to understand the procedure thoroughly and follow all post-operative care instructions.

Will I have additional scars after a breast revision?

Our doctors prioritize minimizing visible scarring by using the most advanced techniques available. They’ll often utilize the same incision points from the original surgery, reducing additional scarring. Proper post-operative care can further help scars fade over time.

Taking The Next Step with Privé Plastic Surgery In Boca Raton

Deciding on a breast revision is an important step, and at Privé Plastic Surgery, we prioritize your well-being, aspirations, and safety above all. During your consultation with Dr. Wu, our team will develop a plan specifically made to address your issues and concerns before and after the surgery. Whether you’re considering a revision to rectify complications or to rejuvenate your appearance, our expert team are here to guide and support you. Dial us at (516) 717-3181 for consultations or inquiries. Together, let’s craft a journey towards renewed confidence and impeccable aesthetic balance.

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