Can Feeling Beautiful Improve Your Mental Health?

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Can Feeling Beautiful Improve Your Mental Health?

In this blog from Prive Plastics, we explain how the effect that feeling beautiful has on your mental health.

What Is Subjective Well-Being?

Having a positive outlook on oneself, known as subjective well-being, can be linked to both short and long-term health benefits. People with a high level of subjective well-being tend to have healthier sleeping and eating habits, as well as make more frequent visits to the doctor and take better care of themselves. Evidence even suggests that subjective well-being may add up to 7.5 additional years to a lifespan.

Subjective Well-Being And Its Effect On Outlook And Behavior

Engaging in activities related to beauty and self-care can promote positive mental health, which can result in further self-care behaviors. This sequence of thought and action can form a pattern of personal habits that can enhance overall well-being. 

For example, people who possess a positive outlook often exhibit a more confident body language, make direct eye contact, and take the time to care for themselves by exercising, taking a relaxing bath, or getting a manicure and pedicure. These activities can help one to de-stress and feel more confident, and this, in turn, reinforces the notion of positive mental health.

The concepts of self-care and well-being are essential to creating and maintaining a cycle of improved health and beauty. Taking care of oneself and engaging in relaxation activities can foster a positive attitude, which in turn leads to better health and increased attractiveness. This in turn can lead to positive reinforcement from others, thereby furthering the cycle of self-care and relaxation. This cycle helps to maintain the connection between health and beauty.

As you can observe, having a good attitude and behaving positively can result in better social interactions. Offering compliments and offering positive reinforcement when it comes to someone’s physical appearance can help them to feel better about themselves and motivate them to feel good and take care of themselves.

The Impact Of Stress On Health And Aging

You may already want to set aside time to take care of yourself and relax in order to reduce stress–and science can support the idea. Scientists have long known that relaxation can improve oxygen consumption, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and overall feelings of wellbeing.

On the other hand, tension can produce the opposite effect. Recently, scientists have begun to better understand the biological basis of this phenomenon. Studies have found that people who make time to relax produce less cortisol, a hormone associated with stress which can have an impact on cardiovascular health and the body’s use of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

The relaxation response has been found to have a positive impact on the body at a cellular level, activating the so-called “disease-fighting” genes. Scientists are currently exploring how emotions can influence cell growth and the effect that stress (or the absence of it) has on the aging process. It has been proven that intensive meditation and relaxation exercises can result in cellular changes that can lead to increased longevity. It is no surprise, then, that people who make these activities part of their daily routine can observe and experience improvements in their overall health.

How Beauty And Self-Care Rituals Improve Mood And Perception

As you may already know, our brains appreciate patterns and rituals. It assists us in making sense of the world and decreases the amount of stress we face on a daily basis. Additionally, these routines can bring us a feeling of serenity. For instance, having a skincare routine or putting on makeup in the morning can help relax the mind.

Engaging in these daily practices can even help diminish feelings of anxiety and depression, as they provide us with a feeling of control and success which might allow us to shift our attention away from other sources of stress. Taking a few mindful moments each day to focus on your beauty routines can be an excellent way to center yourself and refocus your energy.

By engaging in your skincare routine and applying makeup, you can take advantage of the release of oxytocin in your brain. Oxytocin is known to have an effect on our emotions, which can directly impact the health of our skin. Feeling calmer and reducing stress and anxiety levels are essential for having healthy skin, as too much stress can lead to conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and acne.

Oxytocin helps to reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in our bodies, which can help to keep skin healthy and looking better. Additionally, oxytocin indirectly helps our skin by speeding up the healing process and strengthening our immune system, which reduces inflammation and inflammation-related skin issues like acne.

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