Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation: Which Is Best For Me?

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Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation: Which Is Best For Me?

If you’re wondering about how you could benefit from a breast lift or breast augmentation, check out this blog from Prive Plastics.

What Is The Difference Between Breast Augmentation And A Breast Lift?

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that augments the size and shape of the breasts. It is also referred to as an augmentation mammoplasty; this surgery is one of the most popular procedures women seek. With this procedure, you can increase your cup size (or the volume of your breasts). Breast augmentation is also useful in providing balance if you have breasts that are different sizes.

A breast lift is a cosmetic procedure that raises and reshapes the breasts to address drooping or other changes in appearance due to aging, weight fluctuations, pregnancy, or illness. While a breast lift can address loss of tautness and fullness, it is worth noting that a breast lift will not increase the size of one’s breasts. However, if you wonder if getting both a breast augmentation and breast lift is a good choice based on your medical history, you should absolutely discuss your options with Dr. Wu.

What Can Breast Augmentation Correct?

  • Breast Asymmetry: While it’s normal to have one breast larger than the other, it can be distinctly noticeable in some women. Those with asymmetrical breasts can achieve a more balanced appearance through breast augmentation. Some potential causes for asymmetry include Poland’s syndrome, congenital breast asymmetries, imbalanced development during puberty, and prior surgical interventions.

  • Small Breasts: Those who have naturally smaller breasts can choose to enhance them with breast augmentation. Women who feel their natural breasts are out of proportion to their body shape or size may choose augmentation to help address this concern.

  • Sagging Breasts: Pregnancy and weight loss can contribute to breasts losing their natural fullness. This can lead to loose skin, a loss of volume, and breasts that look flat or flabby. Breast augmentation can restore a sense of youth and beauty in women who are unsatisfied with the condition of their breasts.

What Factors Can Alter The Appearance Of Breasts?

  • Loss of collagen that causes the skin to sag as it loses elasticity.

  • Stretch marks can result from weight gain and pregnancy.

  • Loss of shape can be due to underlying tissue involution.

  • Excess skin can result from smoking and weight fluctuation.

  • Hormonal changes, genetics, and smoking can impact appearance as well.

Everyone ages differently, and a number of different factors can affect the appearance of your face and body. Regardless of the underlying reason, a breast lift can restore the shape and lift your breasts.

Am I A Good Candidate?

Great candidates should be in good health and free of serious illnesses. Success rates improve if you are a non-smoker who doesn’t drink or does so in moderation. Candidates respond best when in good mental health, as augmentation cannot correct concerns with body image or drastically alter your appearance. Finally, those electing to undergo this procedure must have a reliable support system permitting them to rest and recover following the treatment. Dr. Wu will go over your options and discuss each procedure and what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. You will be in amazing hands!